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OK, so this isn't really a February newsletter—although it would be if February were actually a month long. A short month that was long on assignments; here's some recent work.

Innovation and Growth

Created for the Boston Consulting Group, cover art for a corporate report on innovative ways to cultivate corporate growth.

innovation growth

Reining in Social Media

A recent piece for the New York Times about using financial incentives to encourage social media sites to rein in misinformation and hate speech.

social media

A Wave of Vaccinations

With the rollout of multiple corona virus vaccines, lives are being saved as the country begins to emerge from the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Are There Shortcuts to True Achievement?

What is the impact of taking shortcuts to accomplish a goal? It's not just the accomplishment that leads to growth and fulfillment, but the journey itself.


Fear of Public Speaking

"Fear of Public Speaking" is based on an unselected sketch about the fear of public speaking. I generally submit several sketches for an illustration, and many times an idea I like comes in second to the art director's first choice. And many times, as is the case here, I take the unchosen sketch to final when I find the spare time. From an assignment by the Wall Street Journal.

public speaking

Career Search

From the archives, an illustration done for the American Federation of Teachers, which accompanied an article about college students' career search after graduation.

Mortarboard and Fedora

The Resilience of Kids

For Teacher Magazine, about the ability of children to entertain themselves while under lockdown during Covid. Kids, it turns out, are great at using their imagination and creating their own world under challenging circumstances.

Kids and resilience

Stock images

Stock images are available for licensing through the ispot, a premium stock illustration licensing site.

Stock images

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