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Recent work, American Illustration 42, fall art, and other goodies.

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American Illustration 42

The American Illustration 42 book launch party was held last week in New York City. I'm proud that these two images were chosen for AI42 website. Thanks again to Mark Heflin and the AI42 jury! Done for Liberty Magazine (left) and The Economist (right); more info in my May newsletter.

American Illustration 42

Summer leaves, leaves fall

With a yard full of oak trees, dealing with falling leaves pretty much defines my weekend. From the archives, a favorite personal piece based on an illustration done for the LA Times Fall TV preview.

Falling leaves illustration


One of a series of illustrations for The Economist's 1843 Magazine. The article describes how women and doctors feel handcuffed by Texas's strict abortion laws when making difficult decisions involving risky or unwanted pregnancies.

women handcuffed illustration

Danger ahead

Another illustration for The Economist's 1843 Magazine article about Texas's "heartbeat" abortion law. Women and doctors are faced with a difficult path once a fetal heartbeat is detected, oftentimes even in the case of severe fetal abnormalities.

doctors heartbeat decision

Can you hear me now?

From the archives, a cover illustration for a major consulting company's white paper on bringing technology to remote parts of the country.

rural commmunications illustration

Talk, don't shoot

An illustration done for Education Week, originally about school shootings, but it seems gun violence is a perpetually relevant topic. Oftentimes a meaningful conversation can quiet an itchy trigger finger when a teen — or in the case of the recent shooting in Maine, a troubled veteran — is in crisis and contemplates lashing out in a murderous rampage.

guns and talk illustration

Stock images

Stock images are available for licensing through the ispot, a premium stock illustration licensing site.

Stock images

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