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August was busy, but no "quiet quitting" for me; I must like overworking.
Here are a couple of recents, and some slightly older pieces with newfound relevance.

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Quiet quitting

Speaking of "quiet quitting," this image is based on a sketch for a 2019 Wall Street Journal article on employees who are unproductive due to their refusal to learn new technology. Listening to a recent podcast on "quiet quitting," it struck me that this image was also perfect for showing up but not working—or at least not over-working.

Slow quitting illustration

Who insures the cloud?

Cover art for the current issue of Contingencies magazine, a publication for the insurance industry and actuaries. Cloud insurance covers losses to companies' business and reputation in the event of a data breach.

Cloud Insurance illustration

How do rail companies measure up?

Another illustration from the archive that's found new relevance with news of a potential railroad workers strike looming. Originally done for the cover of an international consulting company's study assessing how rail service was measuring up. The issue now is how rail companies' commitment to its employees is measuring up.

Railroad illustration

Therapy cut

A recent illustration* for The Wall Street Journal. Inflation is eating away at everything, not just necessities like groceries, but discretionary yet important needs like therapy. Many therapy clients are now cutting back on—or even eliminating—their sessions. * modified version of the published artwork

therapy illustration

Rising rates

It's a new day for municipal bond funds, as rising interest rates make muni bonds more attractive to investors. A recent illustration for the New York Times, part of a series on the current outlook for investments (the July newsletter featured two others).

rising interest rates

It's Fall, so I'll leave you with this

In honor of cooling temperatures and the arrival of Fall, a favorite piece from the archives. Originally for the LA Times, this was the cover art for the Fall Arts Preview.

Prisoners Phones ilustration

Stock images

Stock images are available for licensing through the ispot, a premium stock illustration licensing site.

Stock images

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