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It’s September... back to school for the kids, and back to work after an all-too-brief summer vacation. Here is some recent work and some recently-announced award winners, as well as two from the archives to celebrate back-to-school and Labor Day.

LA Times Fall 2018 Arts Preview

One of three "Fall Preview" illustrations I recently did for the LA Times: the Arts Preview, the Movie Preview, and the TV Preview. Each was intended as a full page cover of the Preview section, although the "Movie Preview" art got bumped to the inside by a photo of someone named Lady Gaga. :-/

The Arts Preview

Arts Preview

LA Times Fall 2018 Movie Preview

The Movie Preview

Movie Preview

LA Times Fall 2018 TV Preview

The TV Preview

TV Preview

New work: Tomorrow

The glass may seem half empty, but tomorrow's a new day. Personal piece, created while working on an assignment about "optimism."

half full glass

Five winners in Creative Quarterly 53


Moving on from the fall leaves of the LA Times Fall Previews to summer leaves... "Gone" is about man eulogizing the death of his father; as a child, he and his father had built a birdhouse together. The image represents the secure home life his father built, as well as the void his passing left. Read more about this piece in July’s newsletter.

This piece will appear in print in Creative Quarterly 53, due out in January 2019.

CQ53 Birdhouse

Four more CQ53 winners that will appear online

These four appeared in recent newsletters; here’s a quick look, with links to the original posts which feature larger artwork and further details.

  Nest Egg How safe is your retirement nest egg? Read more in July’s newsletter.

  Split Decision For USC: how we make decisions. Read more in June’s newsletter.

  Hooked Meeting one’s romantic match on line. Read more in June’s newsletter.

  Prez Dispenser A personal piece about the constant dispensing of lies by the current occupant of the oval office. Read more in May’s newsletter.

These will appear online upon publication of CQ53 in January 2019.

CQ53 art

Working Overtime

An illustration for the Society for Human Resource Management, for an article on employees using their corporate mobile devices after hours, and the implications it may have for overtime pay.


From the archives: Back to School

This was done for The New Yorker’s Blown Covers blog—an ongoing challenge a few years back in which illustrators submitted ideas for hypothetical covers whose themes were chosen by the magazine’s art director, Françoise Mouly. The theme was "back to school," and I focused on the relief parents feel as their lives return to some semblance of order and normalcy. Some day, I believe, my kids—who disapproved—will come to like this piece.

Back to School

In celebration of Labor Day: From the 2008 Manifest Hope show

"American Worker" was created for the Manifest Hope show, an exhibition of artwork by artists calling attention to the issues and candidacy of Barack Obama. Selected artists could choose one of a variety of issues, and I opted to focus on "labor." It hung in the DC Manifest Hope show in Georgetown in the weeks surrounding the January 2009 inauguration.

Manifest Hope Labor

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