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I hope everyone's managing to survive the heat this summer!
Here's some recent work, plus a cool one from the archive.  

Energy uncertainty

For this past Sunday's New York Times, an illustration about uncertainty in the energy sector, particularly in the oil sector.

Oil uncertainty illustration

Feeding the bear

Also for The New York Times, an illustration on investing during the bear market. For certain investors, especially those with a long-term horizon, the lower share prices can be a buying opportunity.

Bear illustration

The never-ending cycle of stress

With the constant litany of bad news—heat wave after heat wave, endless mass shootings, recurring down days in the stock market, yet another surge of covid, another round of rocket attacks in Ukraine, another police shooting or high court ruling or January 6th revelation—it seems hard to break free of the endless cycle of stress. [From the archive, a modified version of an illustration done for The NY Times.]

endless stress illustration


An illustration from a series for The Economist about prison inmates educating themselves on investing, becoming quite sophisticated, and establishing trading accounts and making trades from prison. Often they make a call to a friend or relative, instructing them on trades to make on their behalf.

Prisoners Phones ilustration

Another piece for the series in The Economist about prisoners focusing their time and energies on learning about financial markets and using that knowledge to successfully make investments.

Draft dodger

Arctic blast

With temperatures soaring to dangerous levels across the northern hemisphere, here's one from the archives. Originally done for the New Yorker's Blown Covers blog, on the subject of global warming.

Igloo illustration

Stock images

Stock images are available for licensing through the ispot, a premium stock illustration licensing site.

Stock images

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