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We’re entering the dog days of summer... here is some recent work, along with four recent illustrations that have won awards, and a nod to the dog days.

Is your retirement planning up to par?

For an article on retirement planning; the author gave tips on ensuring that a retirement investment portfolio doesn’t come up short or miss the mark and considers various scenarios, such as the investor’s age or tolerence for risk.

retirement planning

The vulnerable nest egg

Sometimes I find myself—by sheer coincidence—illustrating the same, or similar theme for different clients at the same time. Here is another illustration on the subject of retirement, for a report on the vulnerabilities a retirement account can face.

rocker and nest egg


For a short story about a man eulogizing the death of his father. One of the writer’s early memories of his father was an afternoon they had spent together in his father’s workshop building a birdhouse, which the father then fastened to a maple tree outside the family’s living room. Later, upon contemplation, the project came to symbolize not only the time spent with his father, but the stable home he had provided. The image symbolizes the security his father built, as well as the void his passing left.


Four winners in Creative Quarterly

1. Romance Writers

Created for the Dallas Morning News earlier this year, "Romance Writers" accompanied an article detailing how female romance novel writers are injecting feminist themes into their stories. This will appear in Creative Quarterly Issue 52, which will be published in the fall.

Romance writers

2. Make America Grate Again

A commentary on the current administration’s shredding of the Constitution through its immigration policies, violation of the emoluments clause, disdain for the press, undermining of the judiciary and interference of an investigation—among other things. This image, as well as the other images selected for CQ52 will appear online upon publication of Creative Quarterly Issue 52.


3. Raining Consumerism

Depicting more of a downpour than a shower, this illustration was created for a consulting firm’s report that examined how online users can protect themselves from the deluge of consumer-focused digital advertising.

bar code

4. Vacation Time

A piece done for the L.A. Times about the daunting rules and regulations regarding air travel put into place by airlines and the DHS, and how they can overwhelm occasional air travelers.


And in honor of the dog days of summer...

An oldie, done for The New Yorker magazine’s Blown Covers blog, an ongoing contest in which illustrators submitted ideas for imaginary covers whose themes were chosen by Françoise Mouly, the magazine’s art director. The theme in this case was "pets."

dog days

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