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Some great news from American Illustration 42... plus some recent, commissioned work.

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AI42 Chosen: An Ounce of Common Sense

I'm proud to have had two pieces chosen for American Illustration 42 this year. This one was for The Economist/1843 Magazine. The article concerned an emergency room doctor's strong opinion on getting the covid vaccine. Big thanks to Gary at The Economist, and to Mark Heflin and the AI42 jurors!

common sense vial illustration

AI42 Chosen: Tumbling Rights

Also chosen for American Illustration 42. This was done for Liberty Magazine, for an essay about the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v Wade. The Court's reasoning, based on a strict originalist interpretation of the Constitution's 14th amendment, could lead to a cascading series of other established rights being overturned. A big thanks to Bryan Gray for the fantastic assignment, and to Mark Heflin and the AI42 jurors!

post-roe supreme court illustration

Close to the Vest

Created for Pensions and Investments magazine. Investment managers are holding ESG funds (funds that invest in companies that consider environmental, social and governance factors) "close to the vest" because of conservative backlash to "woke"—to use their word—investing.

ESG Investing illustration

ChatGPT and Copyright

A recent piece about the shredding of copyright protections and intellectual property as more and more writers and artists use AI, and in particular ChatGPT. Here, the ChatGPT logo serves as a saw blade slicing through copyright.

ChatGPT copyright illustration


A challenging piece created for a consulting firm's "white paper" publication; the report concerned methods of streamlining decision-making by eliminating unnecessary steps and distractions in the process and focusing on the end result.

simplify maze illustration

Stock images

Stock images are available for licensing through the ispot, a premium stock illustration licensing site.

Stock images

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