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Some welcome news from American Illustration,
and a look at some recent assignments.

American Illustration

I recently received word that "Extinguishing Gun Violence" will appear in the 2022 American Illustration annual. This is an unpublished illustration based on a sketch for Johns Hopkins University on the subject of doctors fighting the epidemic of gun violence. The sketch was passed over in favor of another, but I rather liked the image and chose to complete the illustration on my own, something I often do. It's a huge honor to be included in American Illustration, and my thanks to Mark Heflin and the jury.

American Illustration

Living in Russia, sympathizing with Ukraine

Following is a series of illustrations for The Economist, accompanying an essay written by a full-time tutor for a wealthy Russian executive's children, and his observations of how people in Russia are perceiving the invasion of Ukraine. Most of the conversations he had—or overheard—suggest that many Russians are opposed to the invasion and their sympathies lie with Ukraine.
  To suggest those sympathies, I made use of the colors of Ukraine—blue and yellow—contrasting them against the red of Russia or using them in unexpected ways.


The author recalls how on the morning of the invasion he and the Russian executive's chauffeur waited in the bitter cold for him to arrive for his ride to work. Standing in the frigid morning air next to the executive's Mercedes Maybach, each checked their schedules as well as news of the invasion.


Waking up

Each morning the tutor would awaken very early, reaching for his phone to check his schedule and messages. On the morning of February 24th he woke up to news of the invasion.

Waking up

The barber

One of the many conversations the author had regarding the invasion was with his barber, who increasingly felt disdain for Putin and sympathy for the Ukranian people.

Barber pole


The author spent his days tutoring the Russian executive's young children, occasionally touching on the subject of the invasion with them. The housekeeper—a proud Russian who listened to Russian radio—supported the invasion, but the tutor often made attempts to counter the propaganda that she fed the children.

Building blocks


When hired to teach at a local school, he was advised to never speak of the war; if the subject was brought up by a student, however, it was OK to discuss it. One day a young student used the colors of Ukraine in a presentation, which led to a classroom discussion on the Ukraine situation.
  Like a composite character in literature, this is a composite image, merging themes and specific incidents into one image. The crayons inside the Russian crayon box represent the inner feelings—sympathetic to Ukraine—of those who are outwardly Russian; the overall image represents the young student who created a visual presentation using the colors associated with Ukraine, if not literally a blue sky and yellow sun.


Keeping up

A recent illustration for the Wall Street Journal on how even the timid are now emboldened to ask for a raise in light of the rising inflation numbers.

WSJ balloons

Stock images

Stock images are available for licensing through the ispot, a premium stock illustration licensing site.

Stock images

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