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Some recent work, some news from American Illustration, and some cherry blossoms

Overshadowed, in the LA Times

From last Sunday's LA Times, an illustration about China's significant lead in technology—particularly in 5G technology—and how it overshadows American technology and creates the potential of "back doors" that could be a threat to national security.

LA Times Overshadowed

Back Door Threat

A follow-up, interior illustration for the LA Times story about the potential threat of "back doors" being a possible avenue to espionage in foreign countries, including the United States.

LA Times Overshadowed

Cherry Blossoms

Having lived in the DC area most of my life, it's hard to not think of cherry blossoms in April. Several years ago I was asked to create the poster for the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Later, I was commissioned to do the artwork for the American Express point-of-sale decal for Washington-area merchants. It was a campaign by American Express to create regional decals using a local illustrator for each region.

Amex decal

Speaking of trees... artwork chosen by American Illustration

Excellent news. I received notice this week that my illustration for the cover of the LA Times Fall Arts Preview was chosen to be included in American Illustration. It's always great to be recognized by one's peers, and this piece was one of my favorites from last year.

American Illustration

For the Wall Street Journal: Hands off, Baby Boomer parents

Many Baby Boomer parents have a difficult time pulling back from interfering with the lives of their adult children. But those children are no longer "children", and parental advice—for example on child rearing, career choice, or where to live—is not always welcome.

Baby Boomer parents

One Last Attempt

After years of a fraying relationship, can a marriage survive... or is divorce inevitable? This idea—of scissors representing a couple considering a divisive or tough decision—arose from an unused sketch for the WSJ  job above, as I contemplated an assignment on divorce.


Growth Stock

Stock images are now available for licensing through the ispot, a premium stock illustration licensing site. A sample: "Nurturing Growth," a business image that happens to have a Springlike vibe.

Stock images

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