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It's March, and St. Patrick's Day is nearly upon us. So in honor of St. Pat, I've selected a handful of green images... some green in color, some green in concept. Enjoy... and happy Spring!

Green Albatross

Created for an illustrated handmade artist's book about song lyrics that reference color. This image accompanied Pink Floyd's "Echoes."

Overhead the albatross / Hangs motionless upon the air / And deep beneath the rolling waves / In labyrinths of coral caves / The echo of a distant time / Comes willowing across the sand / And everything is green and submarine.

Green albatross

Green Energy

An illustration for Barron's Magazine about financing green energy.

Green energy illustration

Green Burial

One of a series of illustrations on the subject of grief, done for Oprah magazine. This illustration was for an essay on "green burials," an alternative to traditional interment that is gaining popularity.

Green burial illustration

Green Renovation

An illustration for the American Association of Architects. The article looked at the choices made by different generations of homeowners when renovating their homes to make them "greener."

Green renovation artwork

Green Retirement

An illustration created for a financial services company about meeting targets necessary to achieve retirement account goals. The original commissioned illustration showed two golfers; it was later adapted for a stock client to show two couples. Most of the stock images I license through the ispot can be modified like this.

retirement illustration

Green Growth

From the cutting room floor, an unselected sketch that I took to final, done for an article on achieving steady financial growth.

Growth illustration

Green Transformation

A cover illustration for a Boston Consulting Company white paper report about maintaining growth while in the process of corporate transformation.

Growth illustration

Stock images

Stock images are available for licensing through the ispot, a premium stock illustration licensing site.

Stock images

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