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It's March—Women's History Month; Me Too and Time's Up are going strong,
and the issues that motivated the January 2017 Women's March are still with us.
This all got me thinking about those issues... as well as certain pieces I've done lately.
Here's a small sampling of some recent illustrations.

"Meet the New Heroines"

An illustration created for the Dallas Morning News last month. The newspaper's headline sums it up: "So you think romance novels are anti-feminist? Meet the new heroines." The story looks at how a number of female romance writers are injecting feminist themes into their novels.

stilletto and book

As an aside... a hat tip to art director extraordinaire Michael Hogue. This was a quick turnaround job, which I received while in a coffee shop one afternoon—the one person there without a laptop. I could have used one; I needed quick approval, so I did 3 or 4 hurried, annotated thumbnails on a scrap of paper, snapped them with my iPhone, and sent them off. My coffee had barely cooled when I got the OK. Kudos to Mr. Hogue for somehow seeing a finished piece in this scribble. And no, this is not how I usually present sketches!

stilletto sketch


"Unraveling" was part of a series created for an article about the aftermath of sexual assault. Because of the trauma, a victim's memories of such events can often be tangled, and care must be used in unraveling them. Unraveling was accepted into last year's Society of Illustrators annual show.



A piece done for USC a couple of years ago on the subject of sex slavery; a piece which also appeared in the Society of Illustrators annual show. The article dealt with the commodification of women in the sex slave trade.

sex slave

And now for something a little more visually upbeat... Equality

A poster done for Poster for Tomorrow (an international competition in which this was a finalist). The theme was Gender Equality. The poster depicts rungs being removed from the blue ladder and added to the pink one in order to level the playing field.

equality illustration

Women in Public Relations

While not strictly a gender-themed illustration, it was done for a woman-owned public relations firm that focuses on small women-owned businesses. This was a book cover published by the PR firm as a guide to public relations, and features a woman announcing herself in a dazzling array of colors. She stands on 8 steps to reflect the book's title, "8 Steps to PR Success" (available at the Amazon or inkandescentpr(dot)com).

PR illustration

Purple Umbrella

Artwork created for a handmade artist's book I made, a 12" x 12" hardcover book with coptic stitching and 30 illustrations relating to song lyrics that mention color. This song was Led Zeppelin's Living Loving Maid, with the opening lines, "With a purple umbrella and a fifty-cent hat."

purple umbrella illustration

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