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After a brief sabbatical, it's back to work for me. Here are some recent images.

Balancing Act

Cover illustration for Liberty Magazine on the subject of Islamic and Christian communities joining forces and working together on certain issues, despite having opposing philosophies and often being distrustful of each other.

Alignment tightrope illustration

An Unlikely Alignment

Another illustration for the same essay for Liberty Magazine; the title of the article was "An Unlikely Alignment".

Church and Mosque illustration

Huffington Post: Dangerous Mix

Illustration created for the Huffington Post. While there is information on hazardous chemicals shipped by rail and procedures in place in the event of a spill, there is virtually no information on what happens if two or more hazardous chemicals are combined, as could happen in the event of a large derailment involving multiple tank cars. Thus, every rail shipment of multiple chemicals is a gamble. Here, the pips on the dice are replaced by symbols of known hazardous chemicals such as benzene.

chemical train illustration


An illustration for Scientific American magazine, about the fallibility of AI, and how a minor misinterpretation by AI can throw a wrench into the works.

AI Stop

Trimming Education

From the archives, a piece done for American Lawyer magazine about issues caused by law colleges making cutbacks to certain programs.

trimming education

Stock images

Stock images are available for licensing through the ispot, a premium stock illustration licensing site.

Stock images

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