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A favorite piece juried into the 2022 Communication Arts Illustration Annual,
plus some near misses and some work from recent weeks.

Communication Arts Illustration Annual, 2022

I'm proud to have my illustration On Reflection included in the upcoming Communication Arts Illustration Annual. Based on an unchosen sketch for a series of essays on grief which appeared in Oprah magazine, this illustration was about reflecting on the loss of a loved one. I often revisit rejected sketches, sometimes months or even years later, and take them to final. The 2022 Illustration Annual hits the newstands in late spring.


A Dose of Common Sense

Artwork for The Economist, for a series on an emergency room doctor's perspective on patients' and fellow healthcare workers' handling of Covid19 vaccines, and masking.

Common Sense vial

Misinformation Pandemic

Unpublished artwork based on an unselected sketch for The Economist series about an emergency room doctor's perspective on Covid19, vaccines, and masking. I proposed a series of illustrations using the doctor's own quotes, which were quite emphatic and at times a bit salty; this was one of them.

Misinformation illustration

Part of the Problem

For The Economist series about an emergency room doctor's perspective on Covid19, vaccines, and masking. The doctor was very vocal about fellow healthcare professionals with whom he worked who refused to be vaccinated. This is the family-friendly version of his quote. 😊


Close but no cigar...

These six illustrations were shortlisted for the CA Illustration Annual. Since they've previously appeared in newsletters over the past year I won't add commentary again, but for the curious, links to those newsletters are provided below.

Communication Arts

Iron Fist or Kid Glove? (Colgate Univ.) more: January '22 newsletter
Creative Problem Solving (Unpublished) more: June '21 newsletter
Finding Common Ground (Liberty Mag.) more: January '22 newsletter
Sunday's Gospel Chicken (Economist) more: November '21 newsletter
Asia's Variations on Milk Tea (Economist) more: June '21 newsletter
The History of Milk in SE Asia (Economist) more: June '21 newsletter

Stock images

Stock images are available for licensing through the ispot, a premium stock illustration licensing site.

Stock images

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