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Happy New Year! Here is some recent artwork I hope you enjoy, as well as some news from the awards front. After a crazy year that produced an illustrious share of rewarding jobs and illustrations, I look forward to further opportunities to work on new projects with clients new and old. If you have a current project or one on the horizon, get in touch... the thinking cap is on and the paintbrushes—or should I say digital tablet (more accurate but less romantic)—is fired up and ready to go!

Best 100

I just received word that "Teamwork and Leadership" has been selected as one of Creative Quarterly's Best 100 of 2018. It will appear in Creative Quarterly 100 Best of 2018, a hardcover annual to be published in the spring. The book features the top 25 pieces from each of four categories (illustrators, along with fine artists, graphic designers, and photographers) that appeared in CQ49 through CQ53.

"Teamwork and Leadership" is an unpublished illustration, but the sketch was for an actual job commissioned by a large investment firm. It was one of many unchosen sketches, actually—one of those jobs in which I may have presented too many sketches. Concepting is a part of the job that I truly enjoy, and over the years I've accumulated thousands of unused sketches. Many of them beg to be finalized, and when I have some down time, I'm all to happy to oblige. This was one of them.


Speaking of Creative Quarterly...

CQ53 just hit the streets, and I'm happy to have my piece, "Empty Home" included. This was perhaps my favorite illustration of 2018, and I'm grateful that not only was it included, it was given a full page. "Empty Home" dealt with the death of a father—whose absence left a huge void—and his son's childhood memory of a weekend spent building a birdhouse with him.

Creative Quarterly

In one year and out the other

It's the start of a new year, and I sometimes post this image, "In One Year and Out the Other" about now. It's a play on the phrase "in one ear and out the other," a phrase which enters and departs the grandfather clock's ears. The image—sans words—was adapted from an illustration that was included in a handmade artists book I created, A Matter of Time, which tells the story of a clock and a watch who take a stroll around town, and features tipped-in illustrations. A fun, rewarding project, it's one of several handmade books I've made. If I manage to find the time, several additional books—already started—will eventually see the light of day.

in one year
matter of time
matter of time

Wall Street Journal: College Loan Debt Fight

Hot off the press, an illustration for the Wall Street Journal about fights that can arise between parents and their newly-graduated children over who is responsible for paying off the debt of college student loans.

WSJ Debt Fight


Inspired by a recent rash of characteristically kooky tweets from the tweeter-in chief. This is an image about a self-absorbed man-child who's perpetually sending out juvenile tweets like an angry, red-faced toddler in the midst of a trantrum because someone just knocked over this blocks. Any resemblance to a real person is strictly coincidental.


I like to end on a positive note, so...

... here's something a little different. My updated wesite will include a shop featuring giclée print editions. It's something I've done in the past, but haven't for several years, in large part due to the frustration of handling the actual printing. It turns out that high volume is the key to keeping high-end printers perfectly calibrated and in reliable running order. Finding a top-notch, professional printer meant ordering test prints to see how various print bureaus measure up. This is the artwork for the test print... details and slices of five illustrations that were in my "current jobs" folder. I'm not sure how to take it, but upon seeing this on my monitor, my son was moved to proclaim that, "that's even cooler than your real artwork."

giclee test

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