This portfolio contains work that has received awards from peer organizations including those listed below. Please see note following the list.

Communication Arts Illustration Annual
Society of Illustrators
3x3 Professional Show
Soc. of Illustrators of LA
American Illustration
Creative Quarterly
Illustrators Club of DC

Note: I no longer update this awards page. For a number of reasons I limit my submissions to juried competitions nowadays, and although I continue to be recognized by my peers—as an example, I had multiple pieces accepted in the Society of Illustrators 2021 exhibition—I prefer to not dwell on such recognition. While I appreciate and am honored by the recognition and recognize the value of my work being "vetted," I hope the work throughout this site speaks for itself.

SILA Gold, CA Annual, 3x3 Pro Show, Soc. of Illus.: "Hidden Bars"
Society of Illustrators, Illustration West, CQ38
Museum Piece
Creative Quarterly 38
Creative Quarterly 38
Society of Illustrators, CQ38
Society of Illustrators, CQ38
Society of Illustrators, Illustrators Club of DC
Communication Arts, Illustrators Club of DC
Empty House
How Safe Is Your Nest Egg?
Hooked Up
PrEZ Dispenser
Creative Quarterly, Illustrators Club of DC
Society of Illustrators, Illustrators Club of DC
Society of Illustrators, CQ38
Poster For Tomorrow
Illustrators Club of DC
Communication Arts 2011 Illustration Annual: "Salt"
Illustrators Club of DC
SILVER MEDAL, Society of Illustrators LA: "Oil Man"
Illustrators Club of DC
Society of Illustrators 2011, Soc of Illustrators LA: "Extinction"
Illus Club of DC BEST OF SHOW, SILA, 3x3 Pro Show: "Haiti/Resilience"
Illustrators Club of DC
Society of Illustrators 2011: "National Cherry Blossom Festival Poster
Comm. Arts Annual, IC Annual Show: "Martinis"
Society of Illustrators 2010: "Oil Planet"
Society of Illustrators LA: "Alzheimer's"
Society of Illustrators: "Give Peace a Chance"
Comm Arts Annua, Soc. of Illustrators, 3x3: "Washington DC"
Society of Illustrators 2010: "Tweet"
Communication Arts Illustration Annual 2007: "Nuclear Neurosis"
Illustrators Club Members Show
Illustrators Club of DC: "Tweet"
Illustrators Club of DC: "Dandelion"
Society of Illustrators of LA: "Apple Bomb"
Illustrators Club of DC: "Synthetic Butterfly"
Manifest Hope Gallery: "American Laborer"
3x3 Pro Show: "Reflection"
Society of Illustrators, Comm. Arts Annual 2006: "Nut and Bolt"
Society of Illustrators 2006, SILA: "Wish Upon a Cherry Blossom"
Society of Illustrators LA: "Black Coffee"
American Illustration, Soc. of Illus.-LA: "Black Dog"
American Illustration: "Fallen Star"
Corcoran Gallery, "Blue Moons" Book
Illustrators Club of DC: "Words of Wisdom"
Society of Illustrators
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